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Tri-Rotor Variable Volume Vernier Flow Control (VFC) V-Head Pump Performance Curve
The Vernier Flow Control, along with the Manual Flow Control, offers all the advantages of the variable volume control, plus provides metering capability with its’ manual adjustment to control pump flow rate.  The VFC assembly replaces the hand wheel of the MFC.  Micrometer graduations afford precise manual selection of discharge rates, from 0 to 100% of full flow.

The Vernier Flow Control can also be equipped with the Pressure Regulating Control (PRC) to allow the operator to adjust the control head spring tension manually.

The operation of the VFC is the same as the MFC with the exception of providing the ability to precisely set the flow rate.

Metering Vernier Flow Control - for accurate metering of pumpage

The Vernier Flow Control’s (VFC) micrometer assembly, most in direct reading percentage, offers precise settings of discharge rates.  By replacing the MFC (handwheel) with the VFC, a high degree of accuracy is possible.  If metering characteristics are necessary for the entire pressure range of the pump, thereby eliminating the need for the automatic variable volume control, the V-Head can be furnished with a “positive” control (PVFC).

If you have any questions about Tri-Rotor’s variable volume control head pumps equipped with the Vernier Flow Control, please contact us.