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Positive displacement centrifugal lubricating oil pumps are ideal for substances wide range of viscosities. Although many models provide suitable oil pumping capabilities, the rotary positive displacement lubricating oil pump provides one of the best solutions. Pump oil lubrication solutions are used for a wide range of applications including pumping, transferring and offloading grease, oil, and similar fluids.
Tri-Rotor’s Series 20, 20D, Solid Head, Bypass Head, and 20V Variable Volume pumps provide excellent pumping solutions for lubricating oils with varying viscosities at various temperatures.  The size and oil pump type required for your application depend on factors including the volume of the lubricating oil being pumped, the operating conditions, pressure and flow requirements.
Contact us for more information regarding our lubricating oil pump options, or call us at 860-482-8581 and we will gladly answer any lubricating oil pump questions that you may have. Tri-Rotor Pumps is your trusted source for technologically advanced pump oil lubrication solutions.

Pumps for Lubrication Oil

Lubricating oil is a specific oil class that provides mechanical components with reduced friction, heat, and wear. A lubricating oil pump is generally used to supply oil lubrication equipment bearings or to transfer lubricating oil for numerous applications. For applications that require circulation lubrication, the lubricating oil pump takes in an amount of oil from a reservoir, forces it through the lubrication points and then feeds it back to the reservoir.

Customized Solutions for Your Lubricating Oil Pump Application

Tri-Rotor has over 85 years of experience manufacturing lubricating oil pumps and other equipment to serve a wide range of markets and applications ranging from oil to food service. Our pump oil lubrication design solutions are offered in several models that provide a smooth discharge and high degrees of volumetric efficiency. Our oil pumps also require minimal maintenance in the field and have a long service life.

Lubricating oil system pumps from Tri-Rotor are designed for advanced performance and can be modified to meet your exact specifications. All our products can be customized based on the following: The oils themselves provide excellent lubrication of the internal components to help keep the oil pump in good operating condition.  If your oil pump should ever need maintenance, we provide off-site inspection and repair services for all our Tri-Rotor pumps. 

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