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Tri-Rotor Pumping Principle The mechanical principle of the Tri-Rotor Pump incorporates the pump casing, the rotor, the piston, and the shuttle.  The rotor is a liquid-tight fit within the casing, with the piston and shuttle being equally liquid-tight in their fit to each other and to the rotor.  In operation the piston slides back and forth in the rotor slot while the shuttle slides back and forth within the piston slot (see illustration).  Liquid is drawn through one rotor port and discharged through the other.  The rotor, which functions as a rotating valve, channels the liquid from the intake port around the casing and out the discharge port.

This action, while rotary, actually accomplishes the same type of pumping principle as a direct-acting piston pump.  There are, therefore, two direct-acting pistons pumping through two cylinders, being valved by the rotary action of the rotor.

The reciprocating piston action is accomplished by the center bearing of the shuttle which rotates on a shuttle pin eccentric to the rotor shaft.  Since the rotor is concentric with the shaft and the shuttle bearing is eccentric to the shaft, a reciprocating action of the piston and shuttle within their respective cylinder slots is created by revolving the rotor.  Four overlapping strokes of the piston and shuttle for each revolution of the rotor create a smooth discharge with pulsation reduced to a minimum.  An extremely high volumetric efficiency is obtained because of the piston-type action and the liquid-tight fit of the moving members.

Highly viscous materials are easily handled with exceptionally high volumetric efficiency while thin, volatile materials are handled with little loss in slippage through the pumping members.  Materials critical to agitation are handled with little or no mechanical beating, since the product is carried through the pump by piston action without being subjected to centrifugal or gear design agitation.

If you have any questions about the Tri-Rotor Pump’s operating principle or how it works, please don’t hesitate to contact us.