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Processed corn oil is an edible cooking oil extracted from corn using solvents or mechanical processes. It is different from corn syrup, which is a liquid sugar made from corn starch. Corn syrup is used to sweeten foods and improve flavor, and to help retain moisture and freshness. Corn oil, on the other hand, is solely used for cooking.
Corn oil is widely used for commercial frying applications because of its flavor, affordability, and resistance to smoking and discoloration. Uses range from frying frozen potatoes to making corn chips, tortilla chips, and other snack foods in food processing facilities. 

Positive Displacement Corn Oil Pumps

Positive displacement rotary piston pumps use a rotating action to gently and efficiently pump materials of various viscosities. These pumps produce virtually no mechanical beating, making them ideal for corn oil and other cooking oils.
Examples of using a positive displacement pump for the corn oil pumping process include:
  • Delivering oil to industrial fryers for food processing
  • Transferring finished corn oil to transport vehicles
  • Pumping cooking oil into or out of storage containers

Our Corn Oil Pumps Allow You to Adjust Flow without Changing Motor Speed

Several different types of edible oil are used in food production, requiring pumps that handle different viscosities without damaging the pumped substance. Since the viscosity of material also affects the speed at which a pump operates, you need a system that accommodates variations in viscosity and allows adjustment of the pump flow rate.
A Manual Flow Control (MFC) is an option with Tri-Rotor pumps and provides the advantage of variable volume control. This feature offers the option of manual adjustment to control the pump’s rate of flow while the pump is running. The additional option of Pressure Regulating Control (PRC) allows easy adjustment to the system discharge pressure without stopping the pump or changing the motor speed.
Additional features and benefits of our rotary positive displacement corn oil pumps include:
  • Exceptionally high volumetric efficiency
  • Handles low and high viscosity substances
  • Simple and low maintenance design
  • Practically noiseless operation
  • Exceptionally long service life
  • Continuous discharge pressure and steady flow rate 
Learn more about the mechanical principle of Tri-Rotor pumps for the corn oil pumping process.

Recommended Materials for Corn Oil Pumps

We recommend a rotary positive displacement pump with all iron (AI) construction for the corn oil pumping process. These pumps feature an iron head, body, and shaft housing and a Type 1 mechanical seal. The corn oil pumps are sanitarily prepared and coated with stainless steel epoxy for added protection.
Our fully mounted corn oil pumps come on a specially designed stainless steel base plate and feature a stainless steel washdown motor and guard, and a grease feeder for lubrication.
View our Pump Material Selection Guide for more information or contact us to discuss which option best meets your dietary food oil pumping requirements. 

Learn More About Tri-Rotor Rotary Positive Displacement Pumps

Tri-Rotor has over 50 years’ experience manufacturing positive displacement pumps for the edible oil industry and other applications. Contact us today to discuss our solutions for the corn oil pumping process.