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Tri-Rotor offers many different pump and pump mounting options to meet a wide variety of customer system and application requirements.  Please contact our experts if you have any questions or to review any of your application and system parameters.

Solid Head Pumps

Tri-Rotor solid head pumps are designed for simple delivery service for applications not requiring a pump with an internal bypass pressure relief valve or a pump requiring a variable flow control.

Bypass Head Pumps

Tri-Rotor bypass head (“X-Head”) pumps are designed for simple delivery service in systems that require an internal relief valve for equipment protection.

Variable Volume Control Head Pumps

Tri-Rotor Variable Volume Control Head (“V-Head”) pumps offer the means to adjust the flow of the pump, automatically or manually, without changing motor speed.

Jacketed Pumps

Tri-Rotor jacketed pumps are offered for those applications requiring temperature control of the fluid being pumped.

Reduced Stroke Pumps

Tri-Rotor reduced stroke pumps are offered for customers permanently targeting a desired flow rate, less than full flow, at a set motor speed.

Other Pump Options

Other pump options for your Tri-Rotor pump include:
  • Material options
  • Gaskets
  • Paint or Coating
  • Relieved Rotor Group
  • Rotation
  • Sanitary Preparation
  • Shaft length
  • Shaft lubrication
  • Shaft seals
  • Shuttle design
  • Spring options for the bypass head
  • Spring options for the Variable Volume Control Head

Pump Base Mounting & Drive Assembly Options

  • Style M – Direct Connected Unit
  • Style SM – Direct Connected Unit
  • Style CFM – Close Coupled Unit
  • Style GR – Enclosed Gear Reducer Unit
  • Style BD – V-Belt Drive Unit
  • Style MO
  • Custom Engineered Mounted Units