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Because of their unique design, Tri-Rotor pumps excel in pumping many difficult-to-handle products, as well as the common materials found in many industrial applications.  Tri-Rotor custom pumps are manufactured from cast iron or bronze and can serve any application chemically compatible with these materials. 

How to Select the Right Custom Pump for Your Application

With so many pump styles available, it can sometimes be difficult to know which product will meet the needs of your pump application.  We custom manufacture products for a wide range of pump applications and can assist you with selecting the right material and pump components based on your operating requirements.  
A few initial considerations based on your pump application include:
  • Substance being pumped: The fluid, and the viscosity of the fluid, being pumped will determine how much power your custom pump requires, as well as the type of material required for your pump.  Chemical pumps, for example, will require more heat and corrosion resistance than a pump designed for food products.  
  • Pressure Requirements: It is critical to determine the amount of pressure required for your pump application.  Having a pump that provides inadequate, or even too much, pressure can lead to pump failure or result in overuse of electricity.
  • Flow rate: This determines how much power your pump requires and can vary based on the type of fluid or semi-solid being pumped.  Flow rate is determined by how many gallons (or liters) per minute is desired to be flowing through your pump.
  • Power Requirements: The power requirements (i.e. horsepower) are determined by how your pump will be powered as well as the operating environment.
We offer oil pumps, fuel pumps and chemical pumps that are meticulously built based on your exact specifications and provide full support throughout the purchasing process.  Request a quote for a custom pump or contact our team for assistance with selecting a product based on your pump application.  Some key markets, and pump applications of types of fluids pumped within those markets, are shown below.

Oil Industry

Tri-Rotor oil pumps are an excellent choice for pumping many different types of oils of varying viscosities and at various temperatures.  The oils themselves provide excellent lubrication of the internal components of the pump.  Our oil pumps are commonly used for applications involving:

Food Industry

Tri-Rotor has decades of success in food pump applications.  Custom pumps for this market come standard with food grade seals and gaskets and the internal components undergo sanitary preparation.  Our food pumps are offered with a lacquered white finish or stainless steel epoxy coating.  See the Other Pump Options section for more details.  Our custom pumps are used for a range of food industry applications, including:

Industrial Coatings & Sealants

Pumping coatings and sealants requires a gentle and smooth pumping action to preserve the quality of the product.  Tri-Rotor custom pumps are shear-sensitive and produce low pulsation while delivering accurate and consistent results.  Typical applications for industrial coating and sealing pumps include:

Fuel Industry

Fuels are easily handled with a Tri-Rotor rotary piston fuel pump.  Care is to be taken with these low viscosity fluids as they have low boiling points.  Lift should be kept to a minimum.  Common fuels pumped by Tri-Rotor include:

Chemical Industry

Tri-Rotor chemical pumps are ideal for chemical liquid transfer for those liquids compatible with cast iron material of construction.  These pumps can easily handle certain chemicals with varying levels of abrasiveness, corrosiveness, and viscosity.  A Tri-Rotor custom pump, equipped with the variable volume V-Head, is a metering pump, providing flow measurement and control for applications that require precise volumes of chemicals.  Common chemical pump applications include:

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