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Tri-Rotor Bypass Head Integral Pressure Relief Valve Spring
Tri-Rotor’s Bypass Head (“X-Head”) models offer an integral bypass pressure relief valve at the pump providing all of the advantages of having a relief valve directly in the discharge line.  These pumps are designed to protect discharge piping and equipment from excessive pressure damage and to prevent overloading motor and drive.  Available on all Tri-Rotor pumps, the unique design of the relief valve bypasses flow directly from the discharge to the suction port when a preset discharge pressure is achieved.  The discharge may be restricted or blocked entirely without shock or chatter.  The design is compact because the pressure relief valve is part of the pump head itself.

Reduced stroke pump head and jacketed pump options are available for Tri-Rotor bypass head pumps.

Features and Benefits of Tri-Rotor Bypass Head Pumps

  • Provides system protection – no additional system relief valve required
  • Allows discharge to be safely throttled from full flow to zero
  • Oversized head allows full bypass flow capability, preventing heat from building up too quickly
  • All models available with standard or heavy duty springs
  • Easy maintenance
  • CW and CCW rotations available
  • May be run in reverse temporarily to strip lines
  • Operating pressures up to 100 PSI

Tri-Rotor’s Bypass Head Pump Models

This specially constructed bypass consists of a relief valve of the integral dash-pot type.  Due to the construction, the liquid flow is not cramped during the by-passing process, eliminating excessive pressures ordinarily causing internal wear.  The large valve passage is linked from the suction port of the pump to the discharge port, permitting the full flow of liquid from one chamber to the other through a separate passage built into the pump apart from the cavity containing the pumping mechanism.  This type of relief valve accomplishes the same purpose as a valve placed directly in the line and eliminates the necessity of line valve installations.

Tri-Rotor Bypass Head Pump Models offer full volume delivery at approximately 30 PSI below the bypass spring setting ramping down to zero volume at the spring setting, for 100% bypassing action.

If you have any questions about Tri-Rotor’s bypass head pumps, please contact us.