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Food pumps are used throughout the food and beverage industries to transfer, mix and dose fluid and semi-fluid substances in processing and production applications.  Pumps for food processing are manufactured from food grade materials and have smooth surfaces to prevent contamination from food and bacteria buildup.  
Tri-Rotor pumps for food processing are positive displacement (PD) rotary piston pumps that produce constant flow against increasing discharge pressures and can handle much higher viscosities than centrifugal pumps.  In our food pumps the rotor acts as a rotating valve, channeling liquid from the intake port around the casing and out the discharge port.  This rotary action accomplishes the same type of pumping principle as a direct-acting piston pump which achieving high volumetric efficiency.
Learn more about the Tri-Rotor pumping principle or contact us to discuss our various types of food pumps.

Efficient and Reliable Food Pumps for Processing Applications

Tri-Rotor has over 85 years of experience in rotary piston pump manufacturing and decades of success in applications for the food industry.  Our food pumps are built with food grade seals and gaskets as standard and provide the efficiency and long operating life required for demanding food processing applications.  All of the internal components undergo sanitary preparation and the pumps are offered with a lacquered white finish or stainless steel epoxy coating.  We also test each food pump during production to ensure flow performance and leak-free operation.

Our food processing pumps have been very successful in such applications as:

  • Sesame Oil
  • Shortening
  • Soybean Oil
  • Sugar Syrup
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Vegetable Oil

See Other Pump Options section to learn more about material, gasket and other customization options for our food application pumps. 

How to Select the Right Pump for Food Processing

There are several types of food pumps available on the market but not all are suitable for food and beverage use.  First and foremost, you need a pump made from materials that are easily sterilized and meet the regulations for food production.  This includes the housing as well as seals or gaskets used in the pump components.  It is also important that only food-grade lubricants are used for lubricating the pump.  View our Material Selection Guide for information on recommended applications for each of our pump materials.

In addition to regulatory requirements, your pump should be designed to handle the type of product being pumped.  Thicker substances such as corn syrup, for example, require a food processing pump with increased clearance between internal components.  If you are pumping fruit for pie filling or yogurt, you need a type of food pump that provides a gentle enough flow without damaging the fruit.
Some of the considerations for selecting a food application pump include:
  • Viscosity and temperature of the product being pumped
  • Presence of solid or abrasive substances
  • Delivery volume and pressure
  • pH of the food substances
  • Suction and discharge requirements
  • Frequency and length of food pump operation
  • Federal and state hygiene requirements

Let Us Help You Find the Right Food Processing Pump for Your Application

Tri-Rotor provides pumps for the food and beverage industry and several other markets and applications.  Request a quote for a food pump that meets your requirements or contact us for assistance with the selection process.