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Kerosene is a light, low viscosity fuel oil derived from petroleum. It is widely used as a solvent for insecticides, as fuel in aviation applications, and as residential heating oil. While relatively easy to pump because of its low viscosity, kerosene is highly combustible and requires careful handling during the pumping process.

Industrial Kerosene Pump Applications

Tri-Rotor positive displacement kerosene pumps use a rotating action to gently and efficiently pump low and high viscosity materials. Our pumps have a low-noise operation and use gentle displacement for applications involving sensitive substances.
Typical applications for our kerosene pumps include:
  • Transferring kerosene to and from tankers, rail cars, and other transport equipment
  • Delivering kerosene to different areas of a factory or other industrial setting
  • Pumping kerosene into bulk storage containers

Selecting the Right Pump for Kerosene and other Fuel Oils

Tri-Rotor’s positive displacement rotary piston pumps are designed to increase pumping efficiency by producing constant flow against increasing discharge pressures. Our pumps generate minimal heat during operation and safe to use for flammable and combustible materials
Additional features and benefits of our industrial kerosene pumps include:
  • Liquid-tight mechanical pump seals prevent leakage
  • Handles thin, volatile materials with little loss in slippage
  • Low shear operation won’t break down product
  • Adjustable flow options for easy control without changing motor speed
We pride ourselves on manufacturing long-lasting pumps that are easy to operate and maintain. Learn more about the mechanical principle of our industrial kerosene pumps.

Material and Mounting Options for Industrial Kerosene Pumps

Tri-Rotor recommends using Iron fitted (IF) positive displacement rotary piston pumps kerosene and other fuel pumping applications. Our iron pumps feature an iron head, body, and shaft housing with iron housing bushings and seal glands.
Learn more about the other Pump Material Options offered by Tri-Rotor.
We offer several Pump and Pump Mounting Options, including bypass head pumps and variable volume control head pumps.  An option of different base mounting and drive assembly system options allow you to customize your kerosene pump based on your facility setup and application.

Contact Us for Positive Displacement Kerosene Pumps

Tri-Rotor has over 50 years’ experience manufacturing positive displacement rotary piston pumps for reliable pumping of high and low viscosity substances and flammable fluids.  Get a quick quote today or contact us to learn more about using Tri-Rotor Pumps in your application.