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The Tri-Rotor Solid Head pump is perfect for general fluid transfer applications requiring constant and consistent flow rates.  The design incorporates a shuttle pin press fit directly into the solid head.  This low cost and efficient design is available for all series of Tri-Rotor pumps in both clockwise and counterclockwise rotations.

Reduced stroke pump head and jacketed pump options are available for all Tri-Rotor solid head pumps.

Features and Benefits of Tri-Rotor Solid Head Pumps

  • Lowest cost option
  • Easy maintenance
  • CW and CCW rotations available
  • May be run in reverse temporarily to strip lines
  • Operating pressures up to 125 PSI

Tri-Rotor’s Solid Head Pump Models

The Solid Head pump is designed for applications with open inlet and discharge and offers no system protection.  If used in a closed loop system, separate protection, such as a system pressure relief valve, is required.

Each Tri-Rotor solid head pump model can be temporarily run in reverse for such purposes as stripping the lines.  Solid head pumps cannot be run in reverse in the field for extended periods of time.

The rotation configuration of some solid head pump models is fully reversible by re-configuring the pumps.  This option is available for the 80B, the 100C, the 120A, the 200A, and the 220T.  The method for reversing rotation for these models is found in their respective Pump Instruction Manual. However, the rotation of the 20D, the 20CP, and the 40A models cannot be reversed.  A solid head pump of the opposite rotation must be ordered from the factory for these three models.

If you have any questions about Tri-Rotor’s solid head pumps, please contact us.