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Caulking sealants and adhesives are used for insulation and to seal joints and prevent leakage in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Some of the common types of sealants include silicone caulk, cement caulk, and adhesive caulk, all of which come in a variety of forms ranging from thick sealants to light and flexible foams.
Various chemicals and materials such as rubber, polyurethane, latex, and silicone go into producing industrial coatings. Depending on the stage of the production process, these materials can include powders, liquids, and highly viscous substances. Caulk and sealant production requires a pump that can handle varying high viscosities without overheating, yet produces gentle pumping action to handle thin and volatile substances.
Positive displacement pumps are ideal for pumping industrial sealant and adhesive because they produce constant flow against increasing discharge pressure and handle high viscosities efficiently.  Some of the applications for pumping caulking sealants and adhesives include:
  • Feeding materials into equipment for heating, mixing, and other production processes
  • Pumping materials to different areas of the manufacturing plant
  • Transferring finish product to storage containers
  • Loading caulking sealant and adhesive into transport trucks

Advantages of Using Tri Rotor Pumps in Industrial Coating Applications

Tri-Rotor pumps are rotary piston positive displacement pumps designed to handle viscosities up to 5,000,000 SSU. Our self-priming pumps provide continuous flow regardless of viscosity and can run dry for short periods without damaging the motor.  Rotary piston pumps also feature low shear operation to handle sensitive or volatile materials gently.
The liquid-tight rotor functions as a rotating valve and accomplishes the same action as direct-acting piston pumps while achieving high volumetric efficiency. Our pumps also produce little to no mechanical beating and handle thin materials with minimal slippage.
We understand the costly impact of equipment downtime, which is why we designed our caulking sealant and adhesive pumps with only three moving parts. This design reduces maintenance in the field and provides you with a virtually worry-free solution for all your pumping needs.

Recommended Materials for Caulking Sealant and Adhesive Pumps

We recommend using our Iron Fitted (IF) Pumps for applications involving caulking sealants and adhesives. Our iron fitted pumps feature an iron head, body, and shaft housing with a bronze housing bushing and seal gland. We constructed the rotor and head components of iron and steel for durability and long operating life. Our Pump Material Selection Guide provides additional information about available materials and their recommended applications.
Each pump material comes in different pump and mounting options, including solid head, bypass head, and variable volume control head pumps. We also offer jacketed pumps for high-temperature applications and a range of pump accessories for on-site installation and repairs.  

Contact Us to Discuss Our Industrial Sealant and Adhesive Solutions

We designed Tri-Rotor pumps to handle tough applications like pumping caulking sealant and adhesive. Our rotary positive displacement pumps come in several materials and models to handle flow rates up to 220 GPM. Request a quick quote for the pump that meets your requirements, or contact us to discuss your industrial coating application.