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Tri-Rotor Model 80BV V-Head Variable Volume Pump with VFC for Asphalt Applications
Tri-Rotor Asphalt Pumps Flyer
Pumping asphalt, or bitumen, can be a very challenging application for many pumps.  The ideal pump needs to be able to handle the elevated temperatures required to pump the product, to address the range of viscosities of different asphalts, and to provide zero leak sealing at the shaft to provide leak free operation.

Although internal gear and external gear pumps are widely used in this application, the Tri-Rotor rotary piston pump design is an ideal choice in comparison.  Tri-Rotor has been designing pumps for demanding asphalt applications for over 80 years.  These applications include installations at hot-mix plants where asphalt is produced, on road paving equipment, and in terminals where asphalt products are stored.

Advantages of Tri-Rotor Pumps in Asphalt Applications:

  • Positive displacement rotary piston design gentler on asphalt and emulsion than gear pumps
  • All pumps engineered for the specific requirement
  • Flow rates to 240 GPM
  • Temperature rating to 500 °F (260 °C)
  • Viscosities to 5,000,000 SSU
  • Oversized jackets can handle any heating medium
  • Flow rate of unique variable volume control (“V-Head”) pumps adjustable from 0 to 100%, even when pump is running
  • Bypass (“X-Head”) have integrated internal pressure relief valve
  • Reduced stroke option also available to target desired flow rate
A single Tri-Rotor pump can be adapted to multiple viscosities throughout the process.  Tri-Rotor pumps also have an infinitely adjustable stroke length to handle inclusions in the process, regardless of size.

Typical Configuration of Tri-Rotor Pumps for Asphalt Applications

  • Heavy duty cast iron design
  • Jacketed pump head and shaft housing
  • Heat resistant gaskets
  • Zero-leak packing standard for leak-free operation
  • Steel piston for added strength
  • Formed iron shuttle for added strength
Although all Tri-Rotor pumps can be configured for asphalt applications, popular models include Series 80 (80B, 80BX, 80BV) pump models, Series 100 (100C, 100CX, 100CV) pump models, and Series 200 (200A, 200AX, 200AV) pump models.

Please contact us if you have any questions about which is the best Tri-Rotor pump for your asphalt application.