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Tri-Rotor pumps for ethylene glycol offer high-volume outputs and unmatched durability. Our Iron Fitted models are ethylene glycol pumps with impressive efficiencies thanks to Tri-Rotor's unique positive displacement technology. Their rotary piston design smoothly pumps ethylene glycol at varying GPMs. No matter what your application requires flow rate, we have industrial-grade equipment that our clients rely on for superior performance year after year. With only three moving parts, Tri-Rotor pumps provide ethylene glycol pumping with virtually silent operation. Required service is minimal, and our products are legendary for their exceptionally long service life.

Pumping ethylene glycol is steady and efficient with Tri-Rotor's unique design. Our pumps are easily able to handle low-viscosity glycols with little loss in slippage through the pump members. We offer durability and high performance at a wide range of temperatures, flow rates, and pressures. No matter whether or not your process adds ethylene glycol to a plastic product formula, uses it to maintain a mechanical system or engine in cold temperature conditions, or circulates it to cool a system, our proven capabilities make us your best choice. You'll have higher efficiencies for your glycol applications and a pump that will be in service for decades.
Tri-Rotor's Iron Fitted rotary chemical pumps for ethylene glycol applications feature cast-iron head, body, and shaft housings as well as iron rotors and pistons. Other elements like bushings, valves, glands, and plungers are made from durable bronze while shafts, pins are levers are made of highly durable steel. The rotary piston action of positive displacement pumps manufactured by Tri-Rotor for ethylene glycol will not chew, aerate nor foam the liquid. Our PD pumps offer advantages over similar models offered by our competitors; including internal gear, external gear, progressive cavity, diaphragm, and sliding vane models. Check our specifications, and you'll find good vacuum characteristics, self-priming, and consistent flow rates through each cycle.

 Tri-Rotor Iron Fitted Ethylene Glycol Pumps Provide Many Advantages

  • One-of-a-kind rotary piston configuration
  • Efficient simplicity – only three moving parts
  • Nearly silent operation
  • Bronze shaft bearings that are extra long
  • Larger packing glands
  • Very low maintenance requirements as proven in many applications
  • No chewing, aeration nor foaming of the chemical in use
  • Consistent efficiency at high flow rates
  • Even discharge and steady rates of flow
  • Dependability and extra-long service life

Unmatched Longevity Makes Tri-Rotor Pumps One-of-a-Kind

Positive displacement piston pumps by Tri-Rotor are ideal for pumping ethylene glycol because of their legendary ability to move any fluid smoothly. With a series of subtle but important improvements since their invention in 1932, today Tri-Rotor PD pumps are are manufactured in the United States, right here in Connecticut and have been known for their long life -- measured in decades -- with parts and service when needed. Manufacturing and industrial companies from mid-size to large Fortune 500 corporations, we have many return clients. Our customers choose Tri-Rotor for performance and dependability.
Iron, brass, and steel parts in a highly functional design with efficient simplicity provide the basis for Tri-Rotor pumps’ longevity. High-quality manufacturing backed by years of experience and hundreds of thousands of successfully delivered products gives us an edge over other competitors in nearly every quality metric. Our workmanship and internal testing processes for every device are second to none. No matter whether or not you buy from an industrial distributor, reseller, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that includes a Tri-Rotor in their product, or directly from our salespeople, we maintain detailed records of every item sold based on a serial number – dating to the 1930s. Our products today are easily interchangeable with our original models, meaning that we can replace or retrofit parts even on our oldest products. An online database on our website allows you to look up any product by its serial number. Not many manufacturers today can offer you those capabilities.

Pumping Ethylene Glycol in Your Industrial Process Calls for Tri-Rotor

With competition as intense as it is in nearly every industrial sector today, you can't afford anything less than the most efficient and reliable components in your processing operations. If ethylene glycol pumps are needed or already present in your facilities, make sure they are Made in the USA by a company like Tri-Rotor.
We are careful about making promises, but with hundreds of thousands of products in use with service terms measured in decades, we can assure you of Tri-Rotor's exceptional reliability. We will help keep your operations online and functioning most efficiently for extended periods even through your times of peak demand. When opportunities come along to sell in quantity and drive growth in your sales, Tri-Rotor will help you configure your product and fill your order fast with the best pumps for ethylene glycol.