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Tri-Rotor Plant Opens In Tokyo

June 12, 1968 (courtesy of The Torrington Register)

Leo S. Nikora, president-treasurer of Tri-Rotor, Inc., 36 East Lawton St., today announced the opening of a new plant in Tokyo, Japan.

Nikora, vice president of Nihon Trirotor Co., Ltd. – the corporation comprised of directors of both the Torrington and Tokyo plants – has returned to the American plant following a one-month visit in Japan, where he supervised the opening of the new facility.

Nikora and Oscar G. Rentz, vice president of the local firm, told The Register plans for the Japanese plant had been in the making for some two years and just recently the project was firmed up.

The opening of the plant – Tominaga and Co. Ltd. – will enable the companies to take advantage of the fast-growing Eastern market.  Most sales would be to South Korea, South Vietnam (at the end of the war), Australia and India, they said.

Following the opening of the Oriental branch – which includes and assembly plant, warehouse and mounting plant – the business is in the process of planning exchange tours between employees of the firms.  The business office is located in the Ibasen Building, Tokyo.

The local company will continue to export merchandise for, in the beginning, most of the work at Tominaga will be assembly and the completion of unfinished parts.  The employees of the Japanese firm will receive all technical know-how, production assistance and education form Tri-Rotor Inc.

In discussing why Tokyo was chosen for the site of the new project, Nikora and Rentz told The Register many sites had been surveyed, including Hong Kong, Manila and Taiwan.  The reason for deciding upon Japan, it was noted, was because Japan has the greatest availability of resources and is noted for its high quality of production material.  “Tri-Rotor pumps,” Nikora stated, “are highly regarded in the Orient and we wanted it to be maintained.”

The operation, Nikora explained, was in line to have the flow of funds favorable to the United States in that it will be in the reverse of the dollar drain.  The Japanese government, the American plant president went on to say, has made an agreement with Nihon Trirotor Co. Ltd., allowing profits and dividends to be paid in United States dollars.  “We,” Nikora asserted, “are doing our bit to improve the condition which has resulted in a dollar drain.”

The uses of pumps in the Orient are varied, according to Nikora, and include:  Morinaga Confectionary, over 100 Tri-Rotor pumps in operation in 10 plants; Nihon Oil Co., over 100 pumps for petroleum, asphalt, and waxes; Hitachi Co., largest shipbuilders in the world, numerous pumps; Chiyoda Chemical, pumps used in refineries.

In addition, it was pointed out, Tri-Rotor pumps are used for pumping soya sauce, paints, varnished, ink, honey, molasses, jams and jellies.

Tri-Rotor Firm Plans Open House Thursday

August 6, 1958 (courtesy of The Hartford Courant)

Leo S. Nikora, president of Tri-Rotor, Inc., announced Tuesday that 15 of its sales representatives from the United States and Canada will be in Torrington Thursday and Friday.  

On Thursday, a program has been arranged that will enable Torrington industrial and civic leaders to inspect the plant of the city’s newest industry, and to meet the sales representatives.

The program will include an open house program, to which the general public is invited, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the company’s plant on East Lawton Street.  Company officials and the sales representatives will be present.

Nikora said Tuesday that invitations to attend the program have been extended to Gov. Ribicoff, Congressman Albert P. Morano, Mayor Anthony C. Gelormino and officials of Yale and Towne Manufacturing Co., Stamford, from which the local business was purchased.

This program has been arranged to demonstrate to the sales representatives and others the manner in which civic and industrial leaders worked together to establish a new industry.

Business meetings of the company officials and sales representatives will complete the two-day program.

Torrington To Get New Pump Firm

April 8, 1958 (courtesy of The Hartford Courant)

The Yale & Towne Mfg. Co. has sold the assets of its tri-rotor pump business in Stamford to a new corporation headed by a Greenwich executive, it was announced Monday.  The sale price was not disclosed.

The new company, called Tri-Rotor Inc., will continue the manufacture and sale of pumps a new 8,500 square foot plant in Torrington, it was also revealed.  Leo S. Nikora, founder and president of Cue Fastener Corp. which was recently sold to Talon Inc., is president of Tri-Rotor.  The company expects to employ 25 in Torrington at first, and may expand employment later to 100.

Nikora said the new firm has taken over Yale & Towne’s entire tri-rotor pump sales organization including district sales representatives and franchised sales engineers.  The company expects to be in production in Torrington by the end of April.

Tri-Rotor’s new one story plant was formerly used by the Nutmeg Hardware Corp.  Tri-Rotor plans to add a wing to the plant, enlarging floor space to a total of 15,000 square feet.

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October 1952
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Bulletin No. 1:  Distributor Places 24 Pumps In Modern Oil Blending Plant – Automatic Installation Built Around Yale Tri-Rotor Units
September 1952