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Tri-Rotor Variable Volume Manual Flow Control (MFC) V-Head Pump Performance Curve
The Manual Flow Control, along with the Vernier Flow Control, offers all the advantages of the variable volume control, plus a manual adjustment to control pump rate of flow.  Pump capacity can be infinitely changed from maximum to zero without altering the discharge pressure, without bypassing the fluid, and without changing the pump RPM.  The hand wheel limits the travel of the plunger in the variable volume control to regulate pump output simply, exactly, and at lower cost.

The MFC provides an extremely simple and inexpensive means of meeting specialized pumping requirements, including:
  • Proportioning of liquids in the processing industries
  • Control of liquid flow to dehydrators, heaters, etc.
  • Eliminating variable speed motors
  • Use in connection with automatic level controls and numerous other purposes
The Manual Flow Control can also be equipped with the Pressure Regulating Control (PRC) to allow the operator to adjust the control head spring tension manually.

A simple turn of the MFC, while the pump is running at a constant speed, allows the operator to vary from maximum volume down to zero, for an infinite selection of discharge volume settings.

The stroke length of the pumping members is governed by the position of the handwheel stem, independent of pump shaft speed, allowing the V-Head Pump to perform over a wide range of conditions.

Cold Starting and Heavy Pumpages

With the Manual Flow Control (MFC) fully closed (zero stroke), the pump is easily started without overloading the motor or damaging the pump.  Thereafter, the gradual opening of the control initiates the flow of pumpage.

Multi-Purpose Utilization

A Tri-Rotor Pump not only replaces several pumps of differing flow rates by simply adjusting its flow control, but, and without changing speed, the same V-Head Pump can handle various viscosity pumpages by reducing stroke lengths to accommodate more viscous liquids without cavitation.

If you have any questions about Tri-Rotor’s variable volume control head pumps equipped with the Manual Flow Control, please contact us.