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Oil pumps are used for several applications including pumping, transferring and offloading grease, oil and similar fluids. Both positive displacement and centrifugal pumps are used in oil pump applications, though a positive displacement rotary pump is best for substances with a viscosity of 3,000 SSU or more.  
Tri-Rotor pumps are an excellent choice for pumping many different types of oils of varying viscosities and at various temperatures.  The size and oil pump type required for your application depends on factors including the depth and weight of the substance being pumped, the operating conditions, and pressure and flow requirements.

Examples of substances used in oil pump applications include:

Common Industry Uses for Commercial Oil Pumps

In onshore (upstream) crude oil applications, some oil pumps are used to extract oil from onshore reservoirs that do not have enough natural pressure to bring the substance to the surface.  The oil pump sits above the surface and is connected to a pumpjack and series of hollow pipes that travel underground to reach the oil well.  Once the oil reaches the surface, the oil needs to be transferred downstream.

Rotary piston oil pumps also provide suction to draw oils, grease, asphalt and other petroleum products from tanks and other vessels.  In these oil pump applications, the pump vacuum port is connected to suction piping that is inserted into the vessel to draw out the fluid.  Asphalt and substances under vacuum pressure are especially challenging to pump and require oil pumps that can handle high operating temperatures. 

Customized Solutions for Your Oil Pump Application

Our company has over 85 years of experience manufacturing oil pumps and other equipment to serve a wide range of markets and applications ranging from oil to food service.  We provide several oil pump types that feature a simple, yet efficient design that provides smooth discharge and high volumetric efficiency.  Our oil pumps also require minimal maintenance in the field and have a long service life.

Oil pumps from Tri-Rotor are designed to perform and can be modified to meet your exact specifications. All our products can be customized based on the following: The oils themselves provide excellent lubrication of the internal components to help keep the oil pump in good operating condition.  If your oil pump should ever need maintenance, we provide off-site inspection and repair services for all our Tri-Rotor pumps.  

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Our team of experts is equipped to help you find the right product for your pumping material and application.  Find a distributor near you or contact us to discuss your oil pump application requirements.