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An adhesive is a coating in the glue family that has bonding properties and is applied to products such as flooring for permanent installation.  Pumping adhesives can be a challenge due to the nature of the product itself - its’ ingredients and properties.  In addition to pump system requirements such as suction and discharge conditions, pressure, and flow rate requirements, the fluid’s material properties to review before determining the pump of choice include:
  • Abrasiveness
  • pH value or corrosiveness
  • Shear-sensitivity, and
  • Viscosity
Some adhesives have ingredients that include small particles.  These particles can lead to some deterioration of the pump over time by way of rubbing up against the pump’s internal components during pump operation.  Tri-Rotor offers pumps with reduced stroke heads for greater solids passage and with hardened materials that have good wear resistant properties.  We also recommend running pumps at slower speeds in adhesives applications.

Corrosion occurs when the fluid being pumped reacts chemically with the materials of construction and wears the pump’s internals.  Cast iron is an excellent material for pumping adhesives with higher pH values.  Tri-Rotor offers a complete line of cast iron pumps to meet customer requirements.  See our Pump Material Selection Guide for more information.

Shear Sensitivity
Many adhesives are shear-sensitive, meaning that the product may be adversely changed while being pumped due to the shearing nature of the pump’s operation.  This can affect the quality of the product and may be unacceptable to the end user.  In general, positive displacement rotary pumps operate fairly smoothly and can limit this condition.  Due to the nature of its operation, the Tri-Rotor rotary piston pump is gentler on adhesives than internal gear or sliding vane pumps.  Operating pumps at slower speeds will also help when pumping shear sensitive fluids.

Viscosity is a major factor in choosing the right pump for an adhesive application.  Adhesives can have a wide range of viscosities and a pump should be chosen that can handle this range and produce a quality product.  Viscous liquids take longer to fill internal pumping areas for maximum performance and efficiency.  Tri-Rotor offers top suction pumps for the highest viscosities in pump Series 80, 120, and 220 models that work well pumping from underneath storage totes with a bung hole located at the bottom.  The unique Tri-Rotor adjustable variable volume V-Head pumps are great for applications pumping multiple fluids with different viscosities.  See models 80BV, 120AV, and 220TV for more information.  Note that for the higher viscosities, a relieved rotor group is required.

We have the expertise to work with existing systems or to help in the design of new cost effective systems to exacting customer requirements.  Please contact us, or fill out our pump system and analysis sheet to get started.