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Liquid sugar has been widely in use throughout the United States for quite a few years and has virtually displaced dry or bulk sugar at plants of any significant size.  While most candy companies, bakeries, and food products firms have converted to liquid sugar processing, there still is a considerable growth potential in the canning, frozen foods packing, and soft drink bottling industries.  The latter group provides us with an especially attractive market because the soft drink bottlers have decentralized marketing procedures which call for a multiplicity of small localized fully integrated units.  Most liquid sugars have consistencies under 10,000 SSU and, thus, require no relieving of rotor groups in the pumps handling them.  About half the sugar pump customers prefer bronze fitted to iron fitted pumps.  All of them use pumps which have been sanitary prepared and equipped with food packing.

Tri-Rotor pumps are highly regarded by the sugar trade because they can handle sugar syrups without aerating or foaming, because of their long life in this type of service, and particularly because the manual flow control enables the pumping installation to perform the dual service of unloading from trucks and tank cars at high delivery rates at operator selected GPM settings.  Because of their high efficiency, Tri-Rotor pumps require motors of smaller horsepower than do competitive gear or vane pumps.

Tri-Rotor pump users also appreciate the simplicity of Tri-Rotor pumping members and the ease of cleaning same.

We have extensive experience in specifying the best Tri-Rotor pump for your liquid sugar syrup application.  If you have any questions, please contact us.