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Ashphalt Pump
Bitumen, used for asphalt applications, is a sticky, dense, and highly viscous petroleum byproduct used in roofing, waterproofing, and paving applications. The high viscosity of asphalt presents some challenges during the bitumen pumping process. Since bitumen is also highly sensitive to temperature changes, it is essential to have a pump that maintains proper operating temperatures to keep the material at a workable viscosity.
Liquid bitumen pumps serve several purposes in the manufacturing and transport of asphalt, ranging from initial processing at refineries to transporting finished asphalt from hot-mix plants. Typical applications include:
  • Moving asphalt from one tank to another
  • Unloading tanks at the mixing plant
  • Transferring bitumen in and out of weight kettles
  • Loading and unloading tankers and other transport vehicles

Equipment Requirements for the Bitumen Pumping Process

Temperature fluctuations change the chemical makeup and fluid characteristics of bitumen, requiring a pump that handles the different temperatures and viscosities of fluids and semi-solids. The sticky nature of bitumen also places strain on mechanical seals and other pump components. Because of these factors, it is essential to have internal pump components designed to withstand the heat and stress associated with the bitumen pumping process.

Positive Displacement Bitumen Pumps for Refineries and Plants

The bitumen pumping process requires a pump that efficiently transports substances while providing enough control to maintain flow and prevent components from overheating. Rotary piston positive displacement pumps meet all these requirements by providing adjustable speed control and the ability to handle the varying flow requirements of bitumen and other viscous substances.
Our positive displacement bitumen pumps feature a rotor, piston, shuttle and durable casing to pump low and high viscosity substances effectively. The rotating piston action of the pump creates smooth discharge with minimal pulsation, extremely high volumetric efficiency, and little loss due to slippage. A zero-leak packing design also eliminates product waste and helps prevent contamination.
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Material Recommendations for Bitumen Pumps

Bitumen pumps are exposed to environmental conditions that require a strong, heat-resistant pump design. They should have the ability to heat the bitumen to lower its viscosity and improve pumping operation.
Tri-Rotor recommends selecting an All Iron (AI) pump construction for hot asphalt applications. These bitumen pumps feature a steel jacketed iron head, body, and shaft housing with steel and iron components for superior strength, heat resistance, and durability.
Visit our Pump Material Selection Guide to learn more about the different material options available for our positive displacement pumps.

Learn More About Bitumen Pumps and Accessories from Tri-Rotor

Our rotary piston pumps handle low and high viscosity substances and feature a durable construction for tough jobs. We also supply a wide range of accessories for mounting, installation, and repair. Request a quick quote for a bitumen pump or contact us to discuss your pumping application requirements.