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Corn syrup, or glucose, sales are growing at a rate exceeding most all other syrups.  Glucose producers have large research and development staffs that are discovering many new fields into which their corn products may be sold.  These firms are also highly aggressive sales-wise and have adopted the practice of installing corn syrup handling systems at cost in their customer purchases of syrup.  Thus, there are many installations going into bakeries, candy companies, meat packing firms, and other food product producers for which we are furnishing Tri-Rotor pumps, the corn syrup manufacturer being the actual purchaser.  

Virtually all Tri-Rotor corn syrup pumps are furnished with relieved rotor groups, food packing, and sanitary preparation, and are of iron fitted construction.  Because of its high viscosity and tacky character corn syrup is pumped at very low speeds – in fact, the glucose industry is attempting to adopt as standard a specification that all pumps regardless of make or size be operated at speeds not higher than 100 RPM.

Most of the corn syrup handlers state a preference for Tri-Rotor pumps not only for the reasons cited above, but also because the large interior port areas of Tri-Rotor bodies provide ample time for the glucose to enter the pumping members, as compared to competitive gear pumps, and thereby greatly reduce cavitation.

As much as it is extremely difficult to remove air bubbles from corn syrup, the fact that Tri-Rotor pumps do not introduce air is a strong advantage for our product line.

If you’d like to learn more about which is the ideal Tri-Rotor pump for your corn syrup application, please contact us.  We’re ready to help.