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Be sure to come back often to see what we’re up to – from news articles and press releases to upcoming tradeshows and new product releases.  Tri-Rotor has had a long and interesting history, so make sure you check out our Archived News section.

Recent News:

The Tri-Rotor 220TV Pump is Ideal for Liquids with Changing Viscosity

Nov 14, 2016
Tri-Rotor’s 220TV variable volume pump is part of the company’s 220 Series of rotary piston pumps. Tri-Rotor calls the 220TV “the pump with a brain” because it immediately responds to changes in the discharge line to provide optimum delivery of a liquid with changing viscosity.

Tri-Rotor's 200 Series Pumps are Heavy-duty Workhorses for Pumping Liquids and Semi-Solid Materials

Jun 15, 2015
Designed with 4” flanged ports and only three moving parts, Tri-Rotor’s 200 Series pumps are heavy-duty, low-maintenance workhorses for pumping liquid and semi-solid materials with viscosities from 40 SSU/4 cPs to 100,000 SSU/21,625 cPs.  Flow rates range from 58 to 240 GPM (200 GPM at 430 RPM).

Model 120AV Pump Is Ideal for Handling Viscous and Semi-Solid Materials

Oct 09, 2013
Tri-Rotor's Model 120AV pump, nicknamed "the grease pump", is designed specifically for handling viscous and semi-solid pumpages up to +3,000,000 SSU / 650,000 cPs.

Archived News

Aug 23, 2013
Archived News