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Glue and other adhesives are difficult to pump because of their sticky consistency and high viscosity. Because of these factors, the glue pumping process requires equipment that provides enough flow and suction to move and dose highly viscous substances easily

There are countless home, commercial, and industrial applications for glue. Organic compounds and chemical-based substances are used to manufacture products ranging from your basic “school glue” to powerful epoxies used for industrial bonding. Our industrial pumps work with all glue consistencies and viscosities to handle a range of glue pumping applications.

Rotary Piston Action Glue Pumps

Tri-Rotor industrial glue pumps use rotary piston action and have adjustable pump flow options to handle viscosities up to 5,000,000 SSU. Our pumps are self-priming and feature low shear pump operation to prevent damaging sensitive substances.
Examples of using positive displacement rotary piston pumps for the glue pumping process include:

  • Bulk transfer of glue products off equipment or out of a drum
  • Moving glue to or away from another process in your facility
  • Transferring glue to containers or vehicles for transport
  • Transporting glue to various areas of an assembly line

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Preventing Issues During the Glue Pumping Process

High viscosity substances are notoriously hard to pump; the tacky consistency of glue only adds to the challenge. With the right pump technology and process, however, you can effectively pump glue with minimal issues.
Here are two things to keep in mind during the glue pumping process:

  • The higher the viscosity, the harder it is to prime the pump. Applying light heat to the pump lowers the viscosity of glue for easier priming and pumping.
  • Any glue left sitting in the pump will adhere to the interior or solidify and cause a blockage. Set glue is not only difficult and time-consuming to remove but can damage pump components. It is crucial to keep your adhesive glue pump moving or clear it out between processes to prevent issues.  

Glue Pump Material Recommendations and Flow Rate Options

We recommend bronze fitted (BF) positive displacement pumps for glue pumping applications. These pumps feature an iron shaft, body, piston and shaft housing with a bronze rotor, shuttle, shaft housing bushing, and bronze seal gland. View our Pump Material Selection Guide for a full listing of our different pump constructions and applications.
Our industrial glue pumps come in several models and mounting options to meet your application requirements. Configuration options include Variable Volume Control Head Pumps that maintain the stroke of the pump and automatically respond to changes in line pressure. Our Manual Flow Control pumps are a popular option featuring a manual adjustment to control pump rate of flow.
If you need assistance, selecting the right glue pump for your application, our team is here to help.


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