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Tri-Rotor pumps are offered in four different cast iron and bronze constructions designated in the table below:
Symbol Construction Designation Head, Body, & Shaft Housing Shaft Housing Bushing Seal Gland Shaft Rotor Group
Shuttle Pin
Bypass Head Control Head
Rotor Piston Shuttle Valve Cage Plunger Lever Assembly
IF Iron Fitted Iron Bronze Bronze Steel Iron Iron Iron Steel Bronze Iron Bronze Steel
AI All Iron Iron Iron Iron Steel Iron Iron Iron Steel Iron Iron Iron Steel
BF Bronze Fitted Iron Bronze Bronze Steel Bronze Iron Bronze Steel Bronze Iron Bronze Steel
AB All Bronze Bronze Bronze Bronze Stainless Steel Bronze Bronze Bronze Monel Bronze Bronze Bronze Steel
Tri-Rotor pumps serve a wide variety of markets and applications.  See the table below for the recommended constructions for some of these applications:
AB        Acetic Acid
AI         Fatty Acid
AI         Olive Oil
IF          Acetone
IF          Fish Oil
IF          Paint
AB        Alcohol
IF          Freon
AI         Palm Oil
AI         Aqueous Ammonia
AB        Fruit Juice
IF          Petrolatum
AI         Asphalt - Hot
IF          Fuel Oil
IF          Printing Ink
AB        Beer
AI         Furfural
BF        Rosin
AB        Blood
BF        Gasoline
AB        Shellac
AB        Boric Acid
BF        Glue - Hot
AI         Soap Liquor
AI         Brine - NaCl
IF          Grease
BF        Starch
AI         Carbon Bisulfide
AI         Hydrogen Peroxide
BF        Sugar Syrup
AI         Carbon Tetrachloride
IF          Kerosene
AI         Sulfuric Acid - Concentrated
AB        Catsup
IF          Lacquer
AI         Sulfuric Acid - Fuming
AI         Caustic Potash
AI         Lard - Hot
AI         Sulfurous Acid
AI         Caustic Soda
AI         Linseed Oil
AI         Tar
BF        Chocolate
IF          Lubricating Oil
BF        Toluene
AB        Cider
AB        Mash
AI         Turpentine
AB        Citric Acid
AB        Mayonnaise
BF        Varnish
IF          Corn Syrup
AI         Milk of Magnesia
AB        Vegetable Juice
AI         Creosote
BF        Molasses
AB        Vinegar
IF          Crude Oil
AB        Mustard
AB        Water
IF          Enamel
BF        Naphtha
IF          Wax
IF          Ethylene Glycol
AI         Napthenic Acid
AB        Wine

If you are not sure which of our rotary pumps is right for your application, please contact Tri-Rotor for expert advice concerning the type and viscosity of the liquid to be pumped, as well as the pump head type and flow rate required.  A prompt quote will be provided.