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Tri-Rotor Variable Volume Pressure Regulating Control (PRC) V-Head Pump Performance Curve
The Pressure Regulating Control (PRC) option may be installed on any Tri-Rotor pump equipped with a variable control type head, including ones configured with either the Manual Flow Control (MFC) or the Vernier Flow Control (VFC).  It is designed to permit the operator to adjust the spring tension of the pressure control mechanism from minimum to maximum setting while the pump is in operation.

This device is exceptionally valuable on Tri-Rotor pumps used in processing systems where operating pressure changes frequently.

The PRC enables the operator to adjust pump discharge pressure manually and provide infinitely variable selection of Automatic Response Points (A-P-R) without stopping the pump or even changing speed.

The Automatic Volume Control can be adjusted at a pre-selected pressure point.  Turning the regulator, which increases or decreases spring tension of the control mechanism, affords an infinite range of pressure settings.

Up to the A-P-R point, the stroke length of pumping members remains constant to maintain a constant delivery volume.  Above the A-P-R point, the stroke length automatically decreases so the discharge rate drops in direct proportion to the rise in pressure.

The discharge rate and pressure levels are automatically maintained at any point along this slope.  Should the discharge pressure fluctuate, for example downward, the automatic volume control mechanism responds by lengthening the pump stroke, increasing the discharge rate.  The subsequent increased volume builds the line pressure back up to its former level.  Sensing this rising pressure, the control mechanism will reverse its action, reducing the flow until the original volume-pressure relationship is restored.

Should the delivery rate fluctuate, the control mechanism automatically preserves the volume-pressure relationship in the same manner.

If you have any questions about Tri-Rotor’s variable volume control head pumps equipped with the Pressure Regulating Control, please contact us.