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Solvents consist of chemicals used to dissolve, suspend, and extract materials in applications ranging from pharmaceutical production to manufacturing cleaning products. Hydrocarbon, oxygenated, and halogenated solvents all have a different chemical structure and are used to enhance the performance of products including:
  • Paints and coatings
  • Cleaning products
  • Personal care products
Other uses for solvents include healthcare and pharmaceutical application, automotive manufacturing and cleaning, dry cleaning, and several others. Several industries use solvents because of their versatility, affordability, and effectiveness. They typically come in liquid form and require the use of pumps to safely move, transfer, and dispense the chemicals.

Necessary Safety Precautions for Pumping Solvents

Handling and transferring toxic, corrosive, and volatile substances present several human safety concerns and environmental risks. Because of this, there are several state and federal regulations for the production, handling, and storage of solvents and other hazardous substances, including their release into the land, air, or water. There are also workplace regulations in place to limit exposure while pumping solvents.
Having a pump with an efficient, leak-free operation is critical in preventing workplace hazards and minimizing ecological contamination. The best pumping solutions for solvents have a chemical-resistant construction with a leak-free casing, are easy to operate, and can handle a variety of fluid characteristics.

Pumping Solvents with Positive Displacement Pumps

Tri-Rotor pumps feature reciprocating piston action powered by a rotor to draw either low and high viscosity substances effectively. The durable, zero leak packing design prevents fluid and vapor leakage while pumping solvents, minimizing health and environmental hazards.  Our positive displacement pumps effectively handle abrasive substances, and transfer thin, volatile materials with little loss in slippage through the pumping members.
Learn more about Tri-Rotor technology behind pumping for solvents and other volatile or high viscosity substances.

Material Recommendations for Pumping Solvents

We recommend the All Iron (AI) pumps for solvents chemically compatible with the material. The construction includes an iron head, body, and shaft housing with iron and steel components.
Read our Pump Material Selection Guide for additional details about material compatibility for pumping solvents.

Learn More About Our Efficient Solutions for Pumping Solvents

Tri-Rotor manufactures positive displacement pumps for low and high viscosity substances. We offer a range of material options and configurations for solvent pumping process. Request a quote today or contact us to discuss your pumping needs.