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Tri-Rotor Variable Volume Control Head Pump Model 220TV
Tri-Rotor “V-Head” Pump Model 220TV

November 14, 2016

Tri-Rotor’s 220TV variable volume pump is part of the company’s 220 Series of rotary piston pumps. Tri-Rotor calls the 220TV “the pump with a brain” because it immediately responds to changes in the discharge line to provide optimum delivery of a liquid with changing viscosity.

With the suction port on the top, the 220TV reduces resistance to flow and eliminates pipe fittings in critical suction applications. Because it protects itself without bypassing any liquid, it allows smaller drives, resulting in dramatic reductions in energy consumption.

The 220TV’s design is based on Tri-Rotor’s unique positive displacement rotary piston pump principle and features the simplicity of only three moving parts. It is equipped with 4” flanged ports and an extra-long bronze shaft bearing.

It is designed for high-viscosity liquids to 5,000,000 SSU / 1,000,000 cPs, with speeds matched to viscosity, up to 220 GPM. It will not chew, aerate or foam the material pumped.

The design flexibility of the 220TV enables Tri-Rotor to provide customers with complete pumping installations, including base mountings and drive assemblies, to meet the unique requirements of their applications. Like all Tri-Rotor pumps, the 220TV is made in America.