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Tri-Rotor Pump model 20DV, along with model 20CPV, is the smallest in the family of Tri-Rotor Variable Volume Control Head pumps that provide variable flow rates.  This pump, with its unique design, allows the end user to adjust the flow rate of the pump from 0% to 100% through either the Manual Flow Control (MFC) or the more precise metering Vernier Flow Control (VFC) without changing motor speed.  The pump serves a wide range of industrial markets and applications.  Examples of the 20DV model’s diverse applications include pumping hot vegetable oil, honey, solvent, 50% sodium hydroxide, and synthetic rubber.

The pump is designed with side suction and top discharge threaded ports and is available in both clockwise (CW) and counterclockwise (CCW) rotations for pump installation flexibility.  Materials of construction for the 20DV model include Iron Fitted, All Iron, Bronze Fitted, or All Bronze configurations.  One feature of the pump is that the shaft housing (or stuffing box) is integrated into the pump body, reducing the number of parts and the time required for maintenance.

Specifications of Tri-Rotor Pump Model 20DV:
  • Flow rate:  4 to 30 GPM
  • Viscosity range:  4 to 21,625 cPs (40 to 100,000 SSU)
  • Inlet and Discharge Port size:  1-½” NPT Ports (std.) or 1-¼” NPT Ports
  • Operating temperature range:  -40 °F to 650 °F
  • Maximum operating pressure:  100 PSI
  • Pump displacement per revolution:  0.0176 gal/rev
  • Pump speed range:  240 to 1800 RPM
  • Solids passage available:  0.023 in.
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  • Rotation: Clockwise
  • Shaft Length: “T” (8-3/8”)
  • Variable Volume Flow Control Head Spring: Standard to 35 PSI
  • Construction: Iron Fitted
  • Shaft Material: Stainless Steel
  • Pressure Regulating Control: Yes
  • Inlet and Discharge Port Size: 1-¼” NPT Ports
  • Variable Volume Flow Control Head: Manual Flow Control (MFC)
  • Steam Jacketed: No
  • Packing (grease fitting provided): N/A
  • Body and Variable Control Head Gasket: Heat Resistant to 650 °F (345 °C)
  • Relieved Rotor Group (for higher viscosities: > 10,000 SSU/2,150 cPs): Yes
  • Paint / Coating: White Lacquer
  • Mechanical seal options (grease fitting provided): Type 1 Mechanical Seal – Buna 10 °F to 180 °F (-10 °C to 80 °C)
  • Piston Material: Standard
  • Sanitary Preparation: Yes (for food applications)
  • Shuttle Material: Hardened
  • Grease Feeder: Yes